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Puerto Rico established Act 60 in an effort to boost export activity and increase local tax revenue. These laws incentivize businesses and individuals to relocate to the island by offering reduced income tax rates to program participants.

Act 60

Act 60 pertains to businesses, and extends unprecedented corporate tax incentives to new, Puerto Rico-based companies exporting services throughout the world. Becoming an Act 60 business can immediately reduce your corporate tax rate to 4%.

Act 60

Act 60 addresses individuals and aims to attract new residents to Puerto Rico by offering a 0% tax on short and long capital terms gains, as well as Puerto Rico sourced interest, dividends and other passive activity. Becoming an Act 60 resident immediately increases after-tax income.



Giovanni's partnership with Puerto Rico's premier consulting group educates and assists clients on the path to becoming Act 60 decree holders. Having gone through the transition themselves, they anticipate the key questions people confront when evaluating this opportunity. Our resources and relationships empower clients as they navigate the process, at no charge to you.

Your Life

Moving to Puerto Rico is more than a business restructure, it's a lifestyle change. We have developed a streamlined process to assist with compliance and to eliminate the headaches that come with moving to a new place. Our expertise and attention to detail prove to be an invaluable asset.


Real Esate

With private, members-only listings and priority on current developments, our consulting group's real estate division provides access to a comprehensive network of premiere properties. Puerto Rico is a breathtaking island with numerous real estate options ranging from stellar resort locations to cities rich with culture. Our strong network and local knowledge of the area helps our clients make the right choice for new offices, residences and investments.

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